Bill Calderwood

Brodick (Chair)

After many years as a visitor to the island, my wife and I have been permanent residents since 1999 living initially in Blackwaterfoot and since 2007 in Strathwhillan.

I was co-opted to the Community Council in early 2011 and have represented Brodick since then. I am also involved with several other groups on the island on a voluntary basis.

My background has covered finance and business management systems development for several international groups. I also ran a management consultancy supporting business and quality systems with customers from the electronics, communications and financial sectors before retiring to the island.


Richard McMaster

Kilmory and Kildonan (Vice Chair)

Richard was born the 5th of eight children on the family farm at Imacher in 1960. He attended Pirnmill Primary & Arran High schools before going on to study agriculture at Auchincruive College. On returning to the island he worked on the family farm before emigrating to Shannochie in 1988, where he continues to farm with his wife, 3 sons and 2 daughters.

He is committed to maintaining and improving the natural diversity of the island and has a strong interest in renewable energy.


Jim Henderson

Lamlash (Treasurer)

Born in Lamlash and elected to represent the village on ACC in August 2010. Self employed joiner (retired). Former Captain and Secretary of Lamlash Golf Club. Secretary AGA 1982 until 2008/Treasurer of the Arran Golfers Association since 1982. Chairman of the Arran Golf Pass since 2004 and Director of COAST.


No ImageColin MacKenzie




No ImageLiz Evans


Permanent home on Arran since 1999 - spent every holiday in Pirnmill from 3 months old. Retired from full time employment in July 2010. Prior to this worked in cancer research for Imperial College London based at Glasgow University. Married with 2 grown up daughters and 1 grandson.


John Lamont

Whiting Bay

I am a Glaswegian who spent many happy family holidays on Arran as a child. After an enjoyable 4-summer stint working on Arran during university vacations in the 1960s (Ormidale Hotel for Fisher Gilmore and West Knowe Farm for Russell Dobson), I had a career full of variety in engineering, electronics and education prior to becoming Assistant Director of Roffey Park Management College in West Sussex in 1976.

In 1983 I set up my own management consultancy and over the next 20 years provided development programmes for both private and public sector organisations e.g. Gulf Oil, Nestlé, Kraft Foods, East Sussex County Council, Dun and Bradstreet. Meantime, in 1996 my wife and I bought and renovated the Burlington in Whiting Bay which we continue to run today as retirement is still eluding me.


Julie Graham

Lochranza and Catacol

I have recently retired from a 47 year career in nursing, 23 of which were as a Community Nurse on Arran. I moved to Arran for a year in 1989 and never went back to England, living initially in Whiting Bay before settling in Lochranza in 1996. I enjoy being involved in ‘island life’ and am at present Secretary for the Lochranza and Catacol Sea Society as well as one of the North Arran First Responders. Like all villages, Lochranza and Catacol needs to be represented to take ongoing issues forward constructively and importantly to disseminate information back to residents. I was elected onto the Community Council in November 2016.

My personal interests include a love of horses and riding, hill-walking and photography all of which Arran has much to offer.


Neil Arthur

Shiskine Valley

Glasgow born (1947) but been on or around Arran for most of my life since 1948 in various roles: visitor, seasonal worker, commuter, resident (35 years). Employed variously in farming, HGV driving, CalMac at Lochranza and following retirement as a principal Fire officer in London Fire Brigade I spent 20 years owning and managing a landscape and garden maintenance business on the island. Now retired.

My commitment to the island community has involved committee work including: Shiskine Primary and the Arran High School Boards (10yrs), Consultative health committee (12yrs) Community Council and sub committees (now in my 10th year) Arran Homes (2yrs), Ferry Committee (2yrs), “Connect Arran” steering group re Broadband (2yrs), Shiskine Valley Improvements (8yrs) and others.

Interests apart from the above - all things Arran related particularly the island economy, roads, ferries and health. In addition, family matters, the garden, politics and current affairs, TV sport particularly Rugby Union and golf. Not to mention: people, the local craic and the humour that usually goes with it!


Marilyn Woods

Shiskine Valley

I am a retired teacher who has lived in Shiskine since 2006. Since coming to Arran I have joined the rural and been on the committee as secretary for Shiskine, been a federation Rep and also Federation Secretary.

As well as being active for a number of years on the committee of the Friends of Brodick Castle I am still a volunteer guide in the summer and also a buggy driver there, assisting people with mobility problems.

I believe there needs to be representation at a local level meeting the needs of communities, which are all different. So as a Councillor I would aim to be accessible and reach as many people as possible in the Shiskine Valley in order to present a balanced view of community needs, but within the context of Arran as a whole.


Peter McMullen


Like many people I became an Arran fan in my youth. I first visited the island in the early 1970's as a structural preservation operative. It was my hope that one day I would be afforded the privilege of being able to live on the island. I was appointed as a constable with Strathclyde Police in 1978 and in 1990 gladly accepted the position as one of the islands constables. I returned to mainland policing in 1994 but always intended to retire to the island.

I retired from police service in 2006 and had spells with Amey Highways and the Child Support Agency before re-joining the police as a constable/trainer with the St.Helena Police Service, stationed on Ascension Island. In 2012 I semi-retired to Lamlash and I now work part time at the Arran Outdoor Education Centre.

On a personal level, my interests include playing golf (badly) and cricket for Sannox Cricket Club. I also have a 20 year old Jaguar which I enjoy keeping roadworthy and taking the occasion drive in. I have a keen local interest and I was delighted to be co-opted onto the Community Council in November 2014.


Barry Mochan

Corrie & Sannox

Like many on the island my love for Arran developed from childhood holidays spent here (when it always seemed to be sunny but surely not!) which developed into frequent visits in adult life and then what seemed like a pipe dream to someday move here permanently, most likely in retirement. Having children changed that and my wife and I found the decision surprisingly easy to make and instead of dreaming about it we decided just to do it. I can safely say we have not regretted it for a moment.

My background is in Architectural & Construction Project and Programme Management and I am presently the Chief Executive Officer of a property company which also trains those finding difficulty in accessing employment. I have completed in excess of £150M in construction work throughout the UK - although as my wife will tell you getting me to put up a shelf is a different matter. I am one of the relative few who does commute to the mainland for work and I hope as our internet service improves this will become more commonplace and, potentially, in the relatively near future the norm for many.

I am a member of the Arran Coastguard as well as the Arran Viking Society so potentially may have to rescue myself from a longship some day if the weather turns. I also have a very old classic motorbike and a love of walking and Arran ale. Having an old bike means I often get to combine the first two and then enjoy an ale when I finally make it home.

I am extremely keen to do what I can to ensure Arran develops economically and is able to provide both quality employment and housing for our residents whilst retaining the sense of community and natural beauty which brings so many to our island.


Peter Randell

Whiting Bay

Following 16 years in the Royal Air Force as an aircraft engine fitter I became a “Man from the Pru” Made redundant after 23 years I spent the next 18 years in various shop floor roles with a national supermarket.

I have always had a belief that to be aware of what goes on around you, you should have an involvement and as a consequence have had a commitment to various council/community positions for some 40 years.

We moved north of the border some twelve years ago and onto Arran mid 2013, which we now consider our home.

I look forward to my involvement with the community council and getting to know a lot more about the island.


Arran Community Council is also grateful for contributions from:


NAC Councillors

Arran is represented on North Ayrshire Council by three councillors.

They hold regular surgeries on the island.

Cllr. Timothy Billings
Cllr. Anthony Gurney
Cllr. Ellen McMaster



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